Rarest CS Go Skins

Determing if a Counter Strike: Global Offensive skin is rare can seem like a simple task. In the quality grade, the skin is categorized as common (Consumer Grade), uncommon (Industrial Grade), rare (Mil-Spec Grade), mythical (Restricted), legendary (Classified), ancient (Covert), or exceedingly rare (Gold). But if it was that simple, millions of people wouldn’t be obsessed with buying CS: GO skins. Skins can be obtained in loop drops and weapon cases, but in those cases the player had no control over the skin they receive. Buying skins let players get the skins they want most, and that usually means the rarest ones. CS: GO is a major component of esports. Skins aren’t just categorized by rarity, they are also categorized as normal, StatTrak and souvenir. StatTrak skins keep track of the weapon’s kills.  

Souvenir skins, though, are skins that are only dropped during certain esports tournaments (the particular event is in the skin’s description). Souvenir skins can be particularly desirable, since they are often rare or exceedingly rare. Souvenir skins can sell for hundreds of dollars. In determining which skins to buy, players can find a graph tracking the skin’s median sales price over a period of time on the page of every skin. While this information is helpful, the CS: GO skins market fluctuates over time. The value of a skin can go up or down. Even though the graphs are limited in the amount of information they provide, any CS player should study them before purchasing a skin.

Some skins are just popular, regardless of how common or rare they are. These include the skins that offer a slight tactical advantage by camouflaging the player’s weapon in certain environment. A tactical advantage is a desirable asset, and those skins may retain their value better than others. The paintball skins are very popular, simply because they look cool. Paintball skins will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. A CS player may want to focus on buying certain skins, but either focusing on rarity, focusing on esports (Souvenir) skins, or the CS: GO skins that offer a camouflage aspect that can be an advantage during gameplay. Of course, some CS: GO players will simply focus on buying the skins they like most. It all depends on whether you’re buying skins and hoping to sell them fore a profit, or you’re just interested in owning certain skins for personal reasons. The average CS player will fall somewhere in the middle, buying skins for the enjoyment of owning them, and also buying some with the hope that they’ll profit from their purchase later on.