How to Get Cost Effective Soundproofing for Your Room

Everyone loves a room with pin drop silence, especially when they return from work or have to sleep. Unfortunately, this seems more like a dream when one is living with noisy children or loud neighbors. Soundproofing a room proves to be a big savior in such cases. Usually, it can be quite expensive, but the steps below can cut back the noise without harming your budget.

Things You Will Need

  1. White Noise Machine
  2. Caulk
  3. Radio
  4. Caulk Gun
  5. Weather Stripping
  6. Storm Windows
  7. Towel

Use Noise Machine or Radio

One of the first steps is to turn on your radio at a low volume or install a simple white noise machine. This machine can easily be bought at an online store or found at the nearest shopping mart. Having the machine allows one to enjoy the peaceful low volume sounds like those of a waterfall or blowing wind. Combined with the radio, both create a neutral effect that keeps the outside noise away.

Another useful way is to caulk or seal all the holes in the floorboards, doors, windows, and pipes. Make sure to use the non-hardening silicone caulk. Following this one tip will drastically reduce the noise inside your room, given that this is the way to block sound waves coming in through the air.

Install Storm Windows

Installing storm windows is another simple way to block the noise from outside. This works when the outside sound gets trapped in the air between the window pane and the storm window. After installation, leave the storm windows on the windows all through the year, and you will face no difficulty, even in the noisy areas. Just make sure that the fittings are tight enough to prevent any air leaks from the edges. Those who have double paned windows are perfectly fine without the storm windows.

You can use a towel to seal the space beneath the door if the noise disturbance is temporary. A permanent solution would be to use a sweep for the bottom, and weather stripping for the edges of the door. If none of these suggestions work, then try to get the door replaced with one made of solid wood.


Using the above tips will solve most of the Soundproofing issues, however, if you can spend, it is better to get help from professionals. At least this will assure you of the quality of service you will receive. Money well spent is better than spending time, as quality time is worth more than money.