Build A Brand Vs. A Site

Although SEO and rankings are important, if you develop a brand online, rather than simply focus on keyword optimization and search engines, you are going to realize far more success online. Customers are going to shop with a brand and product line they trust. So, rather than simply string together a catchy title, and one that is going to do well in SEO searches, it is far better to create brand recognition, awareness, and product awareness online, which over time is going to go much further than a new site that ranks high, but has nothing to offer to the customer.

Consider the color – Customers will associate the brand name with the color and design. With Nike, it’s the swoosh logo on black and white canvas, for Best Buy, it’s the blue and yellow. It is important to develop a likable color palette and a creative design style, so the customer will learn and remember your brand. Color association is a great way to go about developing and building up your site; the more the customer sees it, and the more it sticks in their mind, the more success your company is going to have over time on the web.

Personality – A second factor to consider is giving your brand a “face.” Many companies put a character behind the brand, and this is what the customer thinks of. Some memorable characters include the honey bee (cheerios), smile (Logitech), the tiger (frosted flakes), and several others. If the customer can associate and connect with the character, and if they become a friendly and familiar face, it is going to go a long way in building the brand. Doing this online is essential to building an online audience, developing your brand, and creating brand name recognition for your online site and for your online customer base.

The emotion – In order for brand recognition to push its way through, the customer has to have some tie to the brand. Whether it is a childhood memory they remember when seeing your brand, or whether it reminds them of their first purchase (for the product you sell), emotion is big in brand building. Creating a bond with the customer, and giving them positive and memorable feelings, will also help in developing the brand, the positive feelings, and a positive correlation between your brand and their memories.

Branding goes much further than SEO does for these, and other reasons. If a customer can remember your brand name, logo, or theme, without having to search dozens of keywords, this is going to be a far more favorable site and company to the customer. In many cases, SEO does drive your site, especially in today’s day and age. But, as a business owner, it is also important to remember that emotional bonding, and creating a positive brand image, has withstood the test of time, and it is something that is going to stick with the customer throughout their lifetime, regardless of the product or the focus of the industry.